Wild Edible: Kousa Dogwood

kousadogwood1Although this edible is not actually wild, it can be commonly found as a decorative tree planted on properties.  The appearance of the fruit on these trees, certainly does not imply that it is edible, but I assure you they are delicious.  The Kousa Dogwood is not native to North America but was imported back in the late 1800s and can be found in many front yards and local business properties.  During the spring, the tree blooms with bright white flowers containing 4 petals and usually almost cover the entire tree giving it an almost snow covered appearance.  The Kousa grows to be only about 25 feet in size keeping those tasty fruits within easy each when they are ripe in the fall.




The fruit’s outer skin can vary from a peach color to a brighter pink or red, and the flesh inside has a more orange/yellow appearance similar to a peach.  The skin can also be eaten but has a slightly bitter taste.  You may eat these fruits raw or preserve them by making jelly.  If you have other uses, please let us know.



Here are a couple excellent resources to learn more about the Kousa Dogwood:



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