Gear Review: Condor T and T Pouch

Almost a year ago now, I was looking for a better way to organize some of my misc EDC gear which normally just packed away in my daily bag in a zip lock bag or two.  That method actually worked quite well, but the gear which I wanted to be able to access quickly, always […]

Gear Review: Neweer Assault Pack

I carry a backpack with me every day and after using my current bag for several years it was time to find something new.  The previous bag I carried daily was a simple LL Bean book bag which simply wasn’t the right tool for the task but it did the job. It’s only downfall to […]

Basic Tactical Medical Care

Taught by Muzzle Front LLC‘s medical instructor, Jason Wyman, the Basic Medical Care Course will introduce individuals to various medical situations beyond your typical first aid scenarios.  During this four hour course, participants will become familiar with how to treat and bandage open wounds and transport victims to receive more advanced care. In this course you […]

U.S. Marines with Company E Battalion Landing Team

Team Movement

Nick from ITS Tactical recently published an excellent post breaking down the key elements from the Army Field Manual 3-21.8 (FM 7-8). “Learning to move as a team can be beneficial beyond the battlefield. There’s an obvious parallel to hunting since stealth will greatly reduce the amount of time necessary for a successful hunt. Additionally, […]