Gear Review: UltraFire XML-T6 Flashlight

If you have already read about the Nighthawk 2000 flashlight, then you already know I sort of obtained these UltraFire XML-T6 lights by mistake, if not you can read all about that here.  Since they are in my possession anyway, I figured I might as well test ’em out  and write up a bit of a […]

Rothco MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch 09

Gear Review: Rothco Molle Water Bottle Pouch

Hydration bladders are cool and convenient but they are a pain to have to clean out, if they tear you are screwed, and you really have limited use with them.  I hate the cleaning process after using them, if you don’t dry them completely they can mold and if that is all you had for […]

Gear Review: SDK PIG Alpha Touch Gloves

Joseph DeLuca of One Gun Firearms Training, LLC gives a nice review of the SKD PIG Alpha Touch Gloves by SKD. After talking with Joe briefly and trying the gloves out myself, I can say they are lightweight and very comfortable. They are said to be fairly warm during lower temperatures and it sounds like […]

Gear Review: XDs 45

I purchased the XDs 45 4.0 yesterday and took it to the range today for a little test run to see how she’d do right out of the box. Yes… right out of the box. No cleaning, no tear down, nothing. Ok, ok… I swabbed some Frog Lube down the bbl & on the feed […]

Heizer’s Custom Leather – Prototype 1911 Rig

Heizer’s Custom Leather – Recently I ordered a custom rig from HCL. I need something fancy and unique as I intended to wear it at my wedding. After talking to Aaron , the owner, I decided to go with his “prototype 1911 rig”. I was excited to see what he could do. I decided on […]

Gear Review: Becker BK-2 by Ka-Bar

One of the knives in my kit is a Becker BK-2 made by Ka-Bar. Considered by few as a combat knife, it shines as a sturdy bush craft knife. It has a lot of functionality with a minimal cost, which in this economy mean a lot. The spec basics are… Fixed Blade, Drop Point Blade […]