DIY Simple Survival Fishing Kit

Here is a quick and easy little “project” you can put together in a just a few minutes to provide you with some basic fishing equipment in a small package in case you ever need it.  All you need is some fish hooks, line, and a wine cork…I know everyone has those three items laying around somewhere.  Simply wrap a decent length of line around the cork and stick some fish hooks in the end.  The cork can easily be used as a bobber as is but if you pre-drill a hole through the core it will make it much easier.  I would recommend adding both braided line and mono-filament along with a couple different sized hooks.  With a hole drilled through the core you can even add a trebble hook in the other side.  With only these three items you will be that much more capable of procuring food for survival and this little kit takes up little space.


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