Pass the buck?

I’m not talking about spare change here; I’m talking about personal responsibility and accountability. With my last blog I asked you to question yourself as to who you are. Hopefully you came out with some good answers. Now I want to talk about a different aspect of that, as I said above.

Take a second and think about this. It’s a warm spring day; you stop at the gas station to grab a drink as you go about your day. As you open the cooler door you here “Pooky the crack head” tell the cashier to hand over the money. The adrenaline hits, and you go for your sidearm. You affectively clear cover and present. Suddenly “Pooky” spins around and you see he has something in his hand and as he steps towards you. What’s going through your mind? Shoot? Tell him to stop? Make distance?

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Now I know this is a fairly vague scenario but put some thought into it. What is the real dynamics in the situation that need to be considered? The answer is EVERYTHING. Who and what is behind your target? What’s in his hand? Are you justified to shoot? Was drawing your best option? Is “Pooky 2” standing next to you and you didn’t notice? I can go on and on. You now have to be responsible for every life around you right that second. Are you ready to justify your actions?

As a gun owner, we have an additional responsibility as we go about our daily lives. We have to take special precautions and care, to ensure our firearms are safe and secure. You, as an armed citizen, have a duty to do so. We all need to take steps in order to be prepared, like storing firearms in safes, using trigger locks, and of course training. Carrying a tool and not having the proper skill set to use said tool is a definite lack of responsibility.

So what about that personal accountability? Well, are you the type who plays the blame game or do you step up and take fault for your actions? This is a huge thing in life for so many reasons and it says a lot about your personal character. I’m not going to go into all the reasoning behind it, but I am going to talk about one aspect. When you are out on the range training do you make excuses for your faults or do you use it as a tool to improve not only your skill set, but also yourself personally?

When you are in possession of a firearm and you plan to use it for self-defense and the defense of others you NEED to be the best you can possibly be. If you can’t take accountability for your actions and see where you need to improve, you are in the entirely wrong game. If you think that because you’ve been hunting since you were a child so there is no need to do any type of self-defense training… you should probably just leave the firearm at home. If you can’t understand that self-defense is an art, something that needs to be constantly honed and practiced, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

After all that, where do you fit in? Firearms are not toys or fashion pieces. They are tools that demand the upmost respect. One millisecond of poor responsibility or indecisiveness can cost a person their life, and trust me, you’ll be held accountable for that.

Check out this video, if you think you are prepared to be able to handle these situations yet never been to any formal training, then you are wrong. So…… when’s the last time you trained?


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