Nighthawk 2000 Flashlight

nighthawk2000Lately on Facebook, I have been continually seeing a flashlight, Nighthawk 2000, advertised as being 2000 lumen for $19.99.  Skeptic but curious, I took the bait to see if this light was really as good as it’s seller “Doomsdaysurvivors” claims.   I bought two and paid $10 for shipping which took about a week to arrive to New England from Ontario, Canada.

I opened the package and to my surprise found two UltraFire XML-T6 flashlights.  They didn’t even make an effort to try and paint over the UltraFire logo with their Nighthawk brand (but they made sure to Photoshop out the UltraFire logo on all their marketing images).  This “company” Doomsdaysurvivors is simply taking these lights, selling them as Nighthawk 2000 and charging double the price of what you can get an UltraFire XML-T6  for on Amazon with free shipping.  I made a complaint and requested a partial refund which they promptly indicated they will do but the funds are yet to make their way back to my account.  Isn’t it funny how everyone promptly takes your money but takes days to give it back on a return?


This Nighthawk 2000 being peddled on Facebook is nothing but a scam.  I knew I was rolling the dice when I made the order and glad I did just to help everyone else out.  Stay away from anyone selling a Nighthawk 2000 flashlight and stay away from this company as well, in fact don’t even waste your time looking at their site.

Regardless of this little sham they have going on here, I bought these lights to review and since the Nighthawk 2000 lights don’t actually exist, I have reviewed them for what they really are.

Read the review on the UltraFire XML-T6 here.


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