Muzzle Front CORE Kit (Contents Of Reasonable Essentials)

Robert Higgins of Muzzle Front put together this nice little kit for every day carry use. Not a lot to the pack yet has a lot to offer for many scenarios. The key here is “essentials”.



CORE Kit (Contents Of Reasonable Essentials)

3Pc Vinyl Rain suit
Long burn headlamp
Aluminum Foil (3ft)
Magnesium/Ferro rod
Field point arrow heads
Bicycle tube
Fixed blade (SEAL Pup)
Folding saw
Gerber Multi tool
123 batteries
550Cord 30ft
Titanium Spork
Cylume Stick
Wire Snare
Spring Retractable fishing reel
Salmon/Tuna packs (3)
Aquimira Filter Straw

Be sure to hop on over to and check out their training courses.

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