Mossberg MVP Series

Today, we’re gonna take a look at the MVP line of Mossberg bolt action rifles…  The Varmint chambered in 5.56 (.223 Rem) & the Patrol chambered in 7.62 (.308Win).


Both of these rifles come standard with a few features; Med free float bull bbls, LBA (Lightning Bolt Adjustable) triggers, picatinny rails.  They also come available with a variety of features such as scopes & bi-pods, as well as being available in .204 Ruger & varying bbl lengths.
Mossberg’s patented bolt face design allows USGI & also Magpul PMags to be used in the 5.56 variant, and the Patrol series chambered in 7.62 is able to pull from M1, M14 & Magpul PMags due to it’s magazine well design.


If you get the Varmint series, you’re able to get it straight from Mossberg equipped with a Barska 4-16×50 scope.  Now, I know what you’re probably thinking…  Barska, huh?  That’s gone!  Well, not so fast.  Apparently Barska has been upping their game, their quality controls or have some unicorn magic in the back room because this scope is pretty good.  The scope is water/fog/shockproof, 1/8″ MOA adjustments, parallax-free at 100yds with a 3.5″ eye relief and FOV at 100yds is 5.8-19.9′. The Barska has done well & held zero on my Varmint for well over a thousand rounds, everything from standard 55gr to 80gr JHP’s.

The scoped Patrol comes with a UTG Bugbuster 3-9×32…  rain/fog/shockproof, 1/4″ MOA adjustments, parallax at 3yds to infinity with a 3.2-4.2″ eye reliefe and FOV at 100yds is 14-37.7′.  I cannot comment on how well the UTG holds up, since I changed it out for a Nikon Prostaff very shortly after picking up the Patrol.  Neither are game changers, but for the purpose of a right out of the box, mounted scope, they’ll do the job.

     mossbergMVP01         mossbergMVP03
Both the Varmint & Patrol versions of the MVP series are very good rifles.  Right out of the box and taken to the range, I have had zero issues with either of them.  The hit rate for both out to 250yds is excellent, in all conditions from clear sunny days to heavy snowfall, so in my eyes, that makes this series a go-to if you’re looking for a newer bolt action rifle.  Be it for hunting or plinking, any of the MVP series are sure to be great buys & accurate shots right out of the box.
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