Media from Weapons Retension & Close Quarters Fighting Class w/ Muzzle Front

Today many of our members spent a super humid day out on the range with Muzzlefront learning how to retain your weapon when an assailant tries to remove it from your holster.  We also spent some time learning that you have many options available to you when in close quarters with a gun to your head if you were getting mugged or worse.  I think all of us learned a lot from today’s lesson, but here are some thoughts from those who attended:

“I can’t believe it is actually possible to take and turn a gun on an assailant before they can pull the trigger”

“In defensive training, even if you screw up, you cannot stop for a “do over”.  When faced with the situation in real life, you are highly unlikely to run like you did in the drill perfectly, you must modify on the fly and make it work.  Once you engage, there is no turning back, you must go until you can maintain control of the situation…even when training.”

As with all our training, commit. You grab that gun and you better hold on”

“Not all holsters are created equal and dont train with a rig you think will be easier for training.  Go with what you use on a daily basis and learn what you might need to change for every day use.”

“Awesome day of training. If you carry this is training that should be mandatory.”

Here are some shots and video from today’s event.


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