January 2015 Cold Weather Pistol Course Recap

IMG_0356It was an extremely cold morning, Jan. 31, 15 at the Bozrah Rod & Gun Club. Sign in began at 10:00 a.m. with the thermometer bottoming out at 4 degrees with a steady 5-10 mph west wind, a perfect day to practice cold weather defensive shooting. Attendees stayed warm inside while being briefed on range security and safety procedures inside while CRRT Cadre were outside digging in firing lanes, targets and a very welcomed burn barrel into the 30” of snow on the ground.

Once everything was set up and ready to go the class taught by Muzzle Front began for the 13 attendees, staff and RSO’s. Everything started very slowly as everyone acclimated from slipping, sliding, fumbling, wardrobe malfunctions, hard winds and the occasional blast of smoke from everyone’s best

IMG_0374friend (the burn barrel). Since the purpose of this training was to practice weapon draw and fire while bundled up for cold weather, there was plenty of practice with cleared weapons to allow everyone to work out their individual hang-ups encountered from wearing heavy clothing, jackets and gloves.  Once everyone was capable and comfortable to safely draw consistently, ammo was introduced to the training with slow and simple drills of draw, fire, assess and re-holster. Over and over this was done until it became a sort of second nature and muscle memory began to take place. As drills progressed, multiple rounds, mag changes, and scenarios events all fit in as the day progressed.

IMG_0358During a short lunch, instructor Robert Higgins of Muzzle Front (left) continued instruction with a lecture and quiz while everyone thawed from the extreme cold. The afternoon included more intensive repetition drills, with a greater focus on speed and accuracy.  It was great to see the progress everyone noticed in themselves and each other throughout the day. Meanwhile without realizing it everyone fell into a comfort zone (one of those things Muzzle Front seems to accomplish covertly) that would be with them for life and if ever needed, would be there for them.

The day ended around 2:00 with all who were there coming away with life skills they will never forget and comradery made for life.  At the end of the course the range was opened for freestyle shooting and while several left for the warmth of their vehicles a few remained to practice their shooting further and try out each other’s weapons.

All in all it was another wonderful class sponsored by CRRT and as word gets out and the attendance continues to grow, be sure to book your next (first) class soon as spots are sure to start running out after this one !!!





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