Gear Review: Condor T and T Pouch

Condor T and T 01Almost a year ago now, I was looking for a better way to organize some of my misc EDC gear which normally just packed away in my daily bag in a zip lock bag or two.  That method actually worked quite well, but the gear which I wanted to be able to access quickly, always seemed to find its way to the bottom of the bag, and when some of the items are medical related, that really is not the best place for them to be when you need them.

A couple others I know had previously bought the Condor T and T and had been quite happy with it, so figured I would give it a shot.  You can find this pouch just about anywhere for around $18-25 online or in stores and Condor is a pretty reputable brand a a decent price point.  Going by the dimensions, it also appeared that this MOLLE capable pouch would attach nicely to my Neewer Assault Pack (review here) without adding too much bulk to the pack.



Dimensions: 7.5″H x 10″W x 1.5″DCondor T and T 02
Weight:  15.2 Ounces
One internal zip pouch
One internal open pouch

Additional Features:
600D Nylon (this is a guess based on the look and feel of the material compared to other items I own, unable to find specs on the exact material)
Fully opens with paracord to adjust
Multiple elastic holders in various sizes
Foldable  & Removable 7″ x 12″ vinyl sleeve
External 3″ x 10″ ID/Patch velcro panel
4 Removable MOLLE straps
External 6×3 MOLLE Webbing
Two zippers for easy opening


What I Like:
Excellent construction, pretty durableCondor T and T 03
Quality zippers
Plenty of MOLLE attachment points on both sides of the pouch
Internal pouch on either side
Plenty of elastic holders with different sizes on each side internally
External velcro allows more attachment points to a bag without fear of covering ID tag or patches
Came with 4 MOLLE straps, I would have expected only 2
The paracord adjustment allows the pouch to be opened fully or anywhere in between.  I have mine set to be open at a 90 degree angle at it’s max so it makes a small platform/work surface if needed.


Condor T and T Map holder  Condor T and T 04








What I Don’t Like:
Depth, I wish it was another 1/2-1″ thicker
Elastic seems to lose its stretch, after a year of use items aren’t kept in place as well as they used to be
I wish both internal pouches zipped closed
A couple elastic straps down the internal spine would be nice
Two of the elastic straps are sewn so small, I have no idea what they could be used for.  Getting a pen in there is a difficult task.
Double stitching on the elastic bands would be helpful, others have reported stitches pulling on the internal elastics.

Final Words:
The Condor T and T pouch really is great, it can hold a decent amount of gear and for the most part keep it all in its place.  Like I mentioned earlier, I do wish that both internal pockets zipped closed and if it were just a little bit thicker, it would make a significant difference.  I dont feel like I have too much gear in this pouch, yet it certainly looks and feels stuffed when closing it.  The pouch certainly gets the job done of keeping a bunch of my little EDC items nicely tucked away and organized on the outside of my pack so I can get to them quickly and easily, while also saving space inside my pack.  I would certainly recommend this pouch, you can pick it up on Amazon for like $18 and have it within a couple days.  Some of the issues I had, specifically with the elasticity of the straps losing a bit of strength some others have not had, and on the flip side, I have not had any pulling of the seams on those same straps.  This could simply be the normal fluctuation you may see from one run to another.  A follow-up article will be out soon with a breakdown of the items I have in the pouch along with the reasoning for each item.

Thanks for reading, comments are always appreciated.  I know over the past year or so our reviews and other articles have fallen a bit to the wayside, but now we are getting ready for a new busy year ahead of us so keep coming back as more content will be coming more regularly and more frequently.

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