Emergency Medical Equipment for Everyday Carry | PDN

Whether civilians or armed professionals, when it comes to having gear on their person, more people have tools to take a life. Not too many people think about carrying items that might sustain their life or the lives of their loved ones or an innocent bystander. Just because we have tools that can answer the predicament of violence doesn’t mean we should not also have the basic lifesaving skills and equipment to keep someone alive until medical professionals arrive. I will go over the most common prevention methods to keep a victim from dying, what minimalist medical equipment (MME) you should have on your person, and where to find knowledgeable tactical medicine instructors.

Continue reading the full article at PDN to learn about the importance of emergency medical equipment and how it can help save your life, or another’s, if shot and profuse blood loss occurs.

Source: Emergency Medical Equipment for Everyday Carry | PDN

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