Course Offerings

The following is a inconclusive list of the courses we offer throughout the year.  Click on a course name for more information.  Our upcoming courses can be found on the Events page but we are always willing to schedule additional courses as the demand arises.  If you are interested in scheduling any of the following courses just let us know and we will see if we can get it scheduled for you if there is enough interest to hold the course.  All our courses are available for private groups as well, just email us at  Also please let us know if you have requests for other training courses not listed here, we have access to a variety of professional trainers and can design courses to suite your specific needs.


Home Invasion Protection Course (Coming Soon)
HAM Radio Tech Prep (Coming Soon)
3-Day Bag Building
Situational Awareness
Tactical Medical Care
Wilderness Medicine
Tactical Knife Proficiencies DRO1
Tactical Knife Proficiencies DRO2
Weapons Retention/Close Quarters Combat
Defensive Pistol
Cold Weather Pistol
Weapon Transitions
Long Range?
Tactical Reload
AR Field Strip/Cleaning/Repair
AR Armorer’s Course
Basic Defensive Shotgun
Fire Building Intro
Shelter Building Intro
Water Sourcing/Treatment
Cold Weather Wilderness Survival Intro
Primitive Trapping Intro
Compass Basics/Map Reading
Compass Orienteering
Wild Edibles


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