COLD Weather Defensive Pistol Course

Ok so the next big class is scheduled for January 31. We will host Muzzle Front for a 4 hour COLD WEATHER defensive pistol class. We will focus on the fundamentals when you are in a less than optimal situation of carry. This will involves drawing your pistol from deep cover ( Multiple layers of clothing) and with thick gloves that don’t fit in the trigger guard in some cases. We want you to come to this class in your edc setup. Don’t come all tacticooled out. If you carry iwb daily, that’s what you should do that day. ¬†This class will start at 10 am. Deposits are required and fees are as follows. $150 , $125 for active members. 50% deposit minimum. I will have a fire pit fired up at the range that day but come prepared to spend 4 hours in the snow!! This class will be held sun or blizzard. See you there!!!

Additional Course Details:

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