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Pass the buck?

I’m not talking about spare change here; I’m talking about personal responsibility and accountability. With my last blog I asked you to question yourself as to who you are. Hopefully you came out with some good answers. Now I want to talk about a different aspect of that, as I said above. Take a second and […]

Basic Defensive Shotgun Course Recap

Last month we hosted a Basic Defensive Shotgun Course put on by Eleven Charlie, LLC.  The course covered the proper deployment of a shotgun from both a tool of deadly force to a tool with less-than-lethal capabilities. This basic class focused the shotgun platform, which is a very versatile & under-used system.  It was an intensive course for […]

Sheep, Wolves, & Sheepdogs

On June 18–the day after the heinous attack in which nine were killed at Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church–President Obama said, “At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.” Source: 1 Beheaded, 37 Gunned Down […]

How Secure Are Your Entry Locks at Home?

Not all locks are created equal.  When purchasing entry locks for your home, don’t cheap out.  The video below shows how quickly access can be gained via a simple lock pick set on a “standard” entry door lock.  Not all locks are created equal they vary in number of pins, strength of materials, resistance to […]

Defensive Carbine Course Video

Just a small sample of last weekend’s Defensive Carbine Course taught by Muzzle Front.  Don’t miss out on our next training opportunities, check our events page to see the upcoming events.

Basic Defensive Shotgun Course June 6 2015| Community Rapid Response Team

Eleven Charlie LLC will be conducting “The Basic Defensive Shotgun Course” The Basic Defensive Shotgun Course covers the proper deployment of a shotgun from both a tool of deadly force to a tool with less-than-lethal capabilities. This is a basic class so the student can learn the shotgun platform, which is a very versatile & under-used… […]

Firearms Training… Are you prepared?!

With all the uncertainty in the world today, groups are popping up all over the country to prepare for what they think is the inevitable showdown.  Between who you ask?  Anyone feeling froggy enough. . So…  what’s everyone doing to ‘prepare’?  They’re hitting the range or a buddies back yard with their trusty rifle, some […]

COLD Weather Defensive Pistol Course

Ok so the next big class is scheduled for January 31. We will host Muzzle Front for a 4 hour COLD WEATHER defensive pistol class. We will focus on the fundamentals when you are in a less than optimal situation of carry. This will involves drawing your pistol from deep cover ( Multiple layers of […]

Mossberg MVP Series

Today, we’re gonna take a look at the MVP line of Mossberg bolt action rifles…  The Varmint chambered in 5.56 (.223 Rem) & the Patrol chambered in 7.62 (.308Win). Both of these rifles come standard with a few features; Med free float bull bbls, LBA (Lightning Bolt Adjustable) triggers, picatinny rails.  They also come available […]