Gear Review: UltraFire XML-T6 Flashlight

If you have already read about the Nighthawk 2000 flashlight, then you already know I sort of obtained these UltraFire XML-T6 lights by mistake, if not you can read all about that here.  Since they are in my possession anyway, I figured I might as well test ’em out  and write up a bit of a […]

Nighthawk 2000 Flashlight

Lately on Facebook, I have been continually seeing a flashlight, Nighthawk 2000, advertised as being 2000 lumen for $19.99.  Skeptic but curious, I took the bait to see if this light was really as good as it’s seller “Doomsdaysurvivors” claims.   I bought two and paid $10 for shipping which took about a week to […]

Bug Out Bag Gear Basics

There is plenty of information out on the internet for what you should and should not have in your bug out bag and there are many variations on the gear depending on who you ask.  In many cases these recommendations are coming from people who have made short trips with gear, maybe on a weekend […]

Gear Review: Condor T and T Pouch

Almost a year ago now, I was looking for a better way to organize some of my misc EDC gear which normally just packed away in my daily bag in a zip lock bag or two.  That method actually worked quite well, but the gear which I wanted to be able to access quickly, always […]

Rothco MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch 09

Gear Review: Rothco Molle Water Bottle Pouch

Hydration bladders are cool and convenient but they are a pain to have to clean out, if they tear you are screwed, and you really have limited use with them.  I hate the cleaning process after using them, if you don’t dry them completely they can mold and if that is all you had for […]

Gear Review: SnugPak All Weather Shelter

Last year I made the decision to dump the tent and go exclusively with a tarp for shelter when going off in the woods for a night, weekend or longer.  The decision was made because I was interested in reducing weight in my pack and a light-weight tarp sounded like it would do the trick.  […]

Gear Review: Neweer Assault Pack

I carry a backpack with me every day and after using my current bag for several years it was time to find something new.  The previous bag I carried daily was a simple LL Bean book bag which simply wasn’t the right tool for the task but it did the job. It’s only downfall to […]

Mossberg MVP Series

Today, we’re gonna take a look at the MVP line of Mossberg bolt action rifles…  The Varmint chambered in 5.56 (.223 Rem) & the Patrol chambered in 7.62 (.308Win). Both of these rifles come standard with a few features; Med free float bull bbls, LBA (Lightning Bolt Adjustable) triggers, picatinny rails.  They also come available […]

Fieldline Tactical Roe Sling Bag

Recently I was in search of a small pack to use as my EDC bag. I looked at quite a few different designs and companies. I happen to see the Fieldline Tactical bag at Wal-Mart, yes I said Wal-Mart. I figured why not try it, it’s cheap enough. I took it home, opened it up […]

Gear Review: Ontario Falcon Knife

One particular blade that has been flying under the radar for several years now is the Falcon from Ontario Knife Company (OKC), and its full of many welcome contradictions.  In lots of ways the Falcon, introduced in 2011, is a whole collection of opposing features in knife terms which might be responsible for the Falcon’s […]