$0 EpiPen Coupon

Attention EpiPen users: Those Pens you need to pay ~$100 for and carry with you everywhere you go which cannot be exposed to extreme heat or cold, and need to be replaced regularly can be obtained for free with this little bit of info. “With the $0 co-pay card, you could be eligible to save […]

Grow Your Own Antibacterial Bandages

People in general are spending more and more time learning how to self-sustain themselves through various means to better prepare themselves for anything life throws at them and in many cases save money in the process and increase their knowledge to become more resourceful.  One way of doing this is by landscaping their property with […]

LIVE VIDEO: Congress Grills CDC Chief, Hospital Exec on Ebola

2:46pm EST Mr. Scalise of Louisiana drills CDC regarding the consideration of travel bans. 2:52pm EST CDC protocols rely on honesty of people and people are not honest – Tim Murphy Chairman. Recommends mandatory ban for individuals flying to the United States from the infected countries. 2:56pm EST Hearing is adjourned. I was unable to […]

Basic Tactical Medical Care

Taught by Muzzle Front LLC‘s medical instructor, Jason Wyman, the Basic Medical Care Course will introduce individuals to various medical situations beyond your typical first aid scenarios.  During this four hour course, participants will become familiar with how to treat and bandage open wounds and transport victims to receive more advanced care. In this course you […]

30 Day Crossfit Challenge

We often read up and train on various subject matters and forget about the single most important that ensures you can accomplish any task at hand, your own personal fitness.  Fitness is necessary to maintaining good health, keeping up your energy, and of course building muscle.  I came across this excellent 30 day crossfit challenge […]

Medicinal Plant: Wintergreen

Wintergreen typically has 3-4 leaves with a light waxy appearance and defined veins.  The plant often has small red berries dangling from under the leaves in spring to early summer.  This plant can be found in shady forest areas and quite common in New England.  The roots of wintergreen are vine-like and spread underground to […]