How to set-up a tarp as a tent

For over-nighters, I used to exclusively use a small 2 man tent since they are pretty lightweight and easy to setup.  More recently, I have ventured into the world of using just a tarp to shed some weight and allow a bit more versatility and flexibility to how I construct my shelter while out in […]

Gear Review: Trangia Spirit Burner

I came across this little stove earlier this year during a spring weekend outing with a couple other guys.  One guy, Ross, pulled this stove out of his bag to cook up his dinner and it seemed to work quite well and was very compact so of course I had to pick one up for […]

Otis Technology Special Forces Dry Lube

Recently I ran out of gun lube so I headed over to the store to pick some up. I have always used Rem Oil but I saw the new Otis Special Forces Dry Lube. I figured, why not. it is very inexpensive, around $9. I took it home and stripped my EDC , Glock G19. […]

Gear Review: SDK PIG Alpha Touch Gloves

Joseph DeLuca of One Gun Firearms Training, LLC gives a nice review of the SKD PIG Alpha Touch Gloves by SKD. After talking with Joe briefly and trying the gloves out myself, I can say they are lightweight and very comfortable. They are said to be fairly warm during lower temperatures and it sounds like […]

Gear Review: Gerber Black Diesel Multi-Tool

The “Diesel” multi-tool made by Gerber is a key part of my everyday carry. It has a tool for almost any task encountered from day to day and is extremely versatile. Knife blade is extremely sharp and resharpens easily. The blade as well as all the other tools lock in place for safety and ease […]

Every Day Carry Samples

Yesterday in our Facebook group, Nick asked everyone to post a photo of what they are carrying on them for every day carry (EDC). Here is a snapshot of what came out of it:   3+ day bag goes everywhere with me and contains all kinds of goodies: med kit, fire starting and survival tools. […]

Nick’s EDC Breakdown

  Contents list: Bandaids, steri strip, butterfly closures, antiseptic wipes, ibuprofen, gloves, 2 sizes of tape (1″ & 2″), self adhering wrap, 4×4 sterile gauze, non sterile gauze, bulky gauze bandage, triangular bandage, multiple gauze wraps ( 1.5″, 3″, 4″), 5″x9″ sterile pad, emergency blanket, quikclot sponge, knife, 2 74″ shoe laces, lighter, rolled paper […]

MidwayUSA Competition Range Bag

For the longest time I was content with transporting all my gear to the range in various packs, loading up my rifle bags/cases and/or carrying ammo cans. Until I can across the MidwayUSA competition Range Bag on sale at Midway USA. Now, you might think that since it’s a “no name” brand that the quality […]