Tactical Knife Proficiencies: D.R.O. 1

This seminar will delve into the mindset, types of damage from a medical perspective and physical skills when using a knife for self defense. The physical skills will focus on the following: Deployment – Accessing and utilizing your blade (focusing on the use of a folder) Retention – Retaining/holding onto your blade Obstructions – Getting […]

Survival Debate: 9mm or .45

SurvivalCache.com is starting a series to discuss the most common and popular debates among survivalists. What better way to start than with the grand daddy of them all: 9MM or .45. Everybody has an opinion on this one, and if you don’t you probably need one, for conversational purposes if nothing else. 9MM Pro: 40-50% […]

Every Day Carry Samples

Yesterday in our Facebook group, Nick asked everyone to post a photo of what they are carrying on them for every day carry (EDC). Here is a snapshot of what came out of it:   3+ day bag goes everywhere with me and contains all kinds of goodies: med kit, fire starting and survival tools. […]

30 Day Crossfit Challenge

We often read up and train on various subject matters and forget about the single most important that ensures you can accomplish any task at hand, your own personal fitness.  Fitness is necessary to maintaining good health, keeping up your energy, and of course building muscle.  I came across this excellent 30 day crossfit challenge […]

Gear Review: XDs 45

I purchased the XDs 45 4.0 yesterday and took it to the range today for a little test run to see how she’d do right out of the box. Yes… right out of the box. No cleaning, no tear down, nothing. Ok, ok… I swabbed some Frog Lube down the bbl & on the feed […]

Wild Edible: Kousa Dogwood

Although this edible is not actually wild, it can be commonly found as a decorative tree planted on properties.  The appearance of the fruit on these trees, certainly does not imply that it is edible, but I assure you they are delicious.  The Kousa Dogwood is not native to North America but was imported back […]

Nick’s EDC Breakdown

  Contents list: Bandaids, steri strip, butterfly closures, antiseptic wipes, ibuprofen, gloves, 2 sizes of tape (1″ & 2″), self adhering wrap, 4×4 sterile gauze, non sterile gauze, bulky gauze bandage, triangular bandage, multiple gauze wraps ( 1.5″, 3″, 4″), 5″x9″ sterile pad, emergency blanket, quikclot sponge, knife, 2 74″ shoe laces, lighter, rolled paper […]

Major, X-class solar flare erupts on sun, second in two days

The sun has been active this week as two large solar flares have aurora photographers reaching for their cameras. A geomagnetic storm watch is in effect for Friday as a coronal mass ejection (CME) from Tuesday is expected to have a potent impact on Earth’s magnetic field. This storm could produce aurora’s grander than what we’ve […]

Understanding the Topographic Map

The topographic map is a wonderful invention full of useful information once you learn how to read one.  They come in different shapes, sizes, and scales, but they all share certain conventions that make it easy to pick up a map from different manufacturers and read them without a problem. They are used by the […]