Mossberg MVP Series

Today, we’re gonna take a look at the MVP line of Mossberg bolt action rifles…  The Varmint chambered in 5.56 (.223 Rem) & the Patrol chambered in 7.62 (.308Win). Both of these rifles come standard with a few features; Med free float bull bbls, LBA (Lightning Bolt Adjustable) triggers, picatinny rails.  They also come available […]

Fieldline Tactical Roe Sling Bag

Recently I was in search of a small pack to use as my EDC bag. I looked at quite a few different designs and companies. I happen to see the Fieldline Tactical bag at Wal-Mart, yes I said Wal-Mart. I figured why not try it, it’s cheap enough. I took it home, opened it up […]

How to set-up a tarp as a tent

For over-nighters, I used to exclusively use a small 2 man tent since they are pretty lightweight and easy to setup.  More recently, I have ventured into the world of using just a tarp to shed some weight and allow a bit more versatility and flexibility to how I construct my shelter while out in […]

Organize your Gear with Grid-It Organizer

If you are anything like me, you carry a bag with you every day or have regularly use a bag with gear for various purposes but no matter what you do, its difficult to organize all those little items which you use regularly.  A company called Cocoon has solved this problem with the unique design […]

Us or Them?

You can’t deny there’s something ‘bad’ coming down the pike. If you look closely, there are large forces, on a global scale mounting. Their goals are their own, and how they will affect the American way of life has yet to be determined. I’ve never been an alarmist. Life has taught me how the details […]

Gear Review: Ontario Falcon Knife

One particular blade that has been flying under the radar for several years now is the Falcon from Ontario Knife Company (OKC), and its full of many welcome contradictions.  In lots of ways the Falcon, introduced in 2011, is a whole collection of opposing features in knife terms which might be responsible for the Falcon’s […]

ITS Tactical – Ultimate Guide to Learning about Radio Communication

ITS Tactical published a great guide today around the various types of radio communications.  For someone looking to learn a little bit about the different types of  radio communications and their uses, this is a great primer which gets into some pretty decent detail along with details on the various licensing requirements and how to […]

Wild Edible: Black Birch

The Black Birch is an excellent tree to be able to identify because it offers a variety of uses when out on the trail. It is available in most areas of New England stretching from the southern regions of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire down on through to some areas of The Carolinas, Tennessee, and […]

Gear Review: Trangia Spirit Burner

I came across this little stove earlier this year during a spring weekend outing with a couple other guys.  One guy, Ross, pulled this stove out of his bag to cook up his dinner and it seemed to work quite well and was very compact so of course I had to pick one up for […]

LIVE VIDEO: Congress Grills CDC Chief, Hospital Exec on Ebola

2:46pm EST Mr. Scalise of Louisiana drills CDC regarding the consideration of travel bans. 2:52pm EST CDC protocols rely on honesty of people and people are not honest – Tim Murphy Chairman. Recommends mandatory ban for individuals flying to the United States from the infected countries. 2:56pm EST Hearing is adjourned. I was unable to […]