Emergency Medical Equipment for Everyday Carry | PDN

Whether civilians or armed professionals, when it comes to having gear on their person, more people have tools to take a life. Not too many people think about carrying items that might sustain their life or the lives of their loved ones or an innocent bystander. Just because we have tools that can answer the […]

Rothco MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch 09

Gear Review: Rothco Molle Water Bottle Pouch

Hydration bladders are cool and convenient but they are a pain to have to clean out, if they tear you are screwed, and you really have limited use with them.  I hate the cleaning process after using them, if you don’t dry them completely they can mold and if that is all you had for […]

How Secure Are Your Entry Locks at Home?

Not all locks are created equal.  When purchasing entry locks for your home, don’t cheap out.  The video below shows how quickly access can be gained via a simple lock pick set on a “standard” entry door lock.  Not all locks are created equal they vary in number of pins, strength of materials, resistance to […]

Defensive Carbine Course Video

Just a small sample of last weekend’s Defensive Carbine Course taught by Muzzle Front.  Don’t miss out on our next training opportunities, check our events page to see the upcoming events.

DIY Simple Survival Fishing Kit

Here is a quick and easy little “project” you can put together in a just a few minutes to provide you with some basic fishing equipment in a small package in case you ever need it.  All you need is some fish hooks, line, and a wine cork…I know everyone has those three items laying […]

Basic Defensive Shotgun Course June 6 2015| Community Rapid Response Team

Eleven Charlie LLC will be conducting “The Basic Defensive Shotgun Course” The Basic Defensive Shotgun Course covers the proper deployment of a shotgun from both a tool of deadly force to a tool with less-than-lethal capabilities. This is a basic class so the student can learn the shotgun platform, which is a very versatile & under-used… […]