Firearms Training… Are you prepared?!

With all the uncertainty in the world today, groups are popping up all over the country to prepare for what they think is the inevitable showdown.  Between who you ask?  Anyone feeling froggy enough. . So…  what’s everyone doing to ‘prepare’?  They’re hitting the range or a buddies back yard with their trusty rifle, some […]

GO>ID Personal Emergency ID Kit

Have you ever heard of stories about people out for a jog, hike, etc and something terrible happened to them?  First responders weren’t able to identify the person or determine whether or not they have any allergies, how to contact their loved ones?  Ever wondered how you could avoid such an issue either for yourself […]

Mossberg MVP Series

Today, we’re gonna take a look at the MVP line of Mossberg bolt action rifles…  The Varmint chambered in 5.56 (.223 Rem) & the Patrol chambered in 7.62 (.308Win). Both of these rifles come standard with a few features; Med free float bull bbls, LBA (Lightning Bolt Adjustable) triggers, picatinny rails.  They also come available […]

Gear Review: XDs 45

I purchased the XDs 45 4.0 yesterday and took it to the range today for a little test run to see how she’d do right out of the box. Yes… right out of the box. No cleaning, no tear down, nothing. Ok, ok… I swabbed some Frog Lube down the bbl & on the feed […]