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Pass the buck?

I’m not talking about spare change here; I’m talking about personal responsibility and accountability. With my last blog I asked you to question yourself as to who you are. Hopefully you came out with some good answers. Now I want to talk about a different aspect of that, as I said above. Take a second and […]

Who are you?

Who are you? This seems like a straight forward question right? I want to take this time to, in a way, dissect that question. Most of know who we think we are, but is that the case all the time every day? Do your reactions to the world around you change based off your mood? […]

COLD Weather Defensive Pistol Course

Ok so the next big class is scheduled for January 31. We will host Muzzle Front for a 4 hour COLD WEATHER defensive pistol class. We will focus on the fundamentals when you are in a less than optimal situation of carry. This will involves drawing your pistol from deep cover ( Multiple layers of […]

Fieldline Tactical Roe Sling Bag

Recently I was in search of a small pack to use as my EDC bag. I looked at quite a few different designs and companies. I happen to see the Fieldline Tactical bag at Wal-Mart, yes I said Wal-Mart. I figured why not try it, it’s cheap enough. I took it home, opened it up […]

Otis Technology Special Forces Dry Lube

Recently I ran out of gun lube so I headed over to the store to pick some up. I have always used Rem Oil but I saw the new Otis Special Forces Dry Lube. I figured, why not. it is very inexpensive, around $9. I took it home and stripped my EDC , Glock G19. […]

Heizer’s Custom Leather – Prototype 1911 Rig

Heizer’s Custom Leather – Recently I ordered a custom rig from HCL. I need something fancy and unique as I intended to wear it at my wedding. After talking to Aaron , the owner, I decided to go with his “prototype 1911 rig”. I was excited to see what he could do. I decided on […]