LIVE VIDEO: Congress Grills CDC Chief, Hospital Exec on Ebola

2:46pm EST Mr. Scalise of Louisiana drills CDC regarding the consideration of travel bans. 2:52pm EST CDC protocols rely on honesty of people and people are not honest – Tim Murphy Chairman. Recommends mandatory ban for individuals flying to the United States from the infected countries. 2:56pm EST Hearing is adjourned. I was unable to […]

Basic Tactical Medical Care

Taught by Muzzle Front LLC‘s medical instructor, Jason Wyman, the Basic Medical Care Course will introduce individuals to various medical situations beyond your typical first aid scenarios.  During this four hour course, participants will become familiar with how to treat and bandage open wounds and transport victims to receive more advanced care. In this course you […]

Gear Review: SDK PIG Alpha Touch Gloves

Joseph DeLuca of One Gun Firearms Training, LLC gives a nice review of the SKD PIG Alpha Touch Gloves by SKD. After talking with Joe briefly and trying the gloves out myself, I can say they are lightweight and very comfortable. They are said to be fairly warm during lower temperatures and it sounds like […]

U.S. Marines with Company E Battalion Landing Team

Team Movement

Nick from ITS Tactical recently published an excellent post breaking down the key elements from the Army Field Manual 3-21.8 (FM 7-8). “Learning to move as a team can be beneficial beyond the battlefield. There’s an obvious parallel to hunting since stealth will greatly reduce the amount of time necessary for a successful hunt. Additionally, […]

Gear Review: Streamlight PolyStinger LED

This flashlight is part of my every day carry, it is a Streamlight Polystinger LED model, it uses a 12 volt rechargeable battery that can be charged In your vehicle or at home. Overall length is 9″ and it is 1″ in diameter. The light has 4 different modes: high, which puts out an impressive […]

Tactical Knife Proficiencies: D.R.O. 1

This seminar will delve into the mindset, types of damage from a medical perspective and physical skills when using a knife for self defense. The physical skills will focus on the following: Deployment – Accessing and utilizing your blade (focusing on the use of a folder) Retention – Retaining/holding onto your blade Obstructions – Getting […]

Survival Debate: 9mm or .45 is starting a series to discuss the most common and popular debates among survivalists. What better way to start than with the grand daddy of them all: 9MM or .45. Everybody has an opinion on this one, and if you don’t you probably need one, for conversational purposes if nothing else. 9MM Pro: 40-50% […]

Every Day Carry Samples

Yesterday in our Facebook group, Nick asked everyone to post a photo of what they are carrying on them for every day carry (EDC). Here is a snapshot of what came out of it:   3+ day bag goes everywhere with me and contains all kinds of goodies: med kit, fire starting and survival tools. […]