Bug Out Bag Gear Basics

There is plenty of information out on the internet for what you should and should not have in your bug out bag and there are many variations on the gear depending on who you ask.  In many cases these recommendations are coming from people who have made short trips with gear, maybe on a weekend […]

Gear Review: Condor T and T Pouch

Almost a year ago now, I was looking for a better way to organize some of my misc EDC gear which normally just packed away in my daily bag in a zip lock bag or two.  That method actually worked quite well, but the gear which I wanted to be able to access quickly, always […]

DIY: Make Your Own Shoot-and-See Targets

Learn how to make your own “Shoot-n-See” targets cheap with this nice DIY video from Fire Mountain Outdoors. Why spend a bunch of money of stuff to shoot, when you can easily make something with the same effect at a fraction of the cost? All you need is a few simple supplies: Bright colored paper/posterboard […]

Superesse Straps – The survival bracelet you wish you had

Survival bracelets have become quite popular over the last few years, I know I can even find them in the gas station near me for about $5 and see people wearing them every day.  What you don’t see everyday though is a bad ass survival bracelet that can actually help you survive and not just […]

Basic Defensive Shotgun Course Recap

Last month we hosted a Basic Defensive Shotgun Course put on by Eleven Charlie, LLC.  The course covered the proper deployment of a shotgun from both a tool of deadly force to a tool with less-than-lethal capabilities. This basic class focused the shotgun platform, which is a very versatile & under-used system.  It was an intensive course for […]

Emergency Medical Equipment for Everyday Carry | PDN

Whether civilians or armed professionals, when it comes to having gear on their person, more people have tools to take a life. Not too many people think about carrying items that might sustain their life or the lives of their loved ones or an innocent bystander. Just because we have tools that can answer the […]