Wild Edible: Black Birch

The Black Birch is an excellent tree to be able to identify because it offers a variety of uses when out on the trail. It is available in most areas of New England stretching from the southern regions of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire down on through to some areas of The Carolinas, Tennessee, and […]

Wintergreen Identification

The Otter Outdoorsman recently posted a video on the identification and uses of Wintergreen.  Thought it would be a nice follow-up to our previous article on Wintergreen and its uses.  Remember that edible and medicinal plant mis-identification can be life threatening if not done properly, so don’t just take our word for it, check various […]

Save $$$ With Home-made Liquid Laundry Detergent Recipes

One way you can save yourself a little money and be a bit more self-sufficient is to make your own home-made cleaning products. In many cases, home-made products work just the same if not better than the store bought products and will cost you pennies vs dollars to make at home with just a little […]

30 Day Crossfit Challenge

We often read up and train on various subject matters and forget about the single most important that ensures you can accomplish any task at hand, your own personal fitness.  Fitness is necessary to maintaining good health, keeping up your energy, and of course building muscle.  I came across this excellent 30 day crossfit challenge […]

Basic Fire Starting

Safety Even when faced with a survival situation, safety should always be your first thought when it comes to much that you do. If you do not keep yourself safe, you will not survive. When it comes to safety with fire, much will be dictated by your environment. The first step is to determine where […]

Wild Edible: Ramps AKA Wild Leeks or Wild Garlic

When I was a kid, I can remember driving along with my grandfather in a fairly wooded area during the spring and pulling to the side of the road for a walk just off the road into the woods.  Here we would find a vast of green “rabbit ears” as he would say covering the […]

Bowline Knot

The bowline is an important knot to know for rescue scenarios. This knot creates a loop that will not slip which can be used around the waist as an anchor point to help retrieve someone fallen over a ledge or down a hole. Also useful for tying boats of course since this is where the […]

Medicinal Plant: Wintergreen

Wintergreen typically has 3-4 leaves with a light waxy appearance and defined veins.  The plant often has small red berries dangling from under the leaves in spring to early summer.  This plant can be found in shady forest areas and quite common in New England.  The roots of wintergreen are vine-like and spread underground to […]

Connecticut State Maps

Years ago, you used to be able to walk into any rest area and pick up a free state road map but this no longer seems to be the case. Even if you request one from the state, they only send a map containing attractions in the state of CT and is otherwise of no […]