Gear Review: UltraFire XML-T6 Flashlight

If you have already read about the Nighthawk 2000 flashlight, then you already know I sort of obtained these UltraFire XML-T6 lights by mistake, if not you can read all about that here.  Since they are in my possession anyway, I figured I might as well test ’em out  and write up a bit of a […]

Nighthawk 2000 Flashlight

Lately on Facebook, I have been continually seeing a flashlight, Nighthawk 2000, advertised as being 2000 lumen for $19.99.  Skeptic but curious, I took the bait to see if this light was really as good as it’s seller “Doomsdaysurvivors” claims.   I bought two and paid $10 for shipping which took about a week to […]

Sheep, Wolves, & Sheepdogs

On June 18–the day after the heinous attack in which nine were killed at Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church–President Obama said, “At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.” Source: 1 Beheaded, 37 Gunned Down […]

Rothco MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch 09

Gear Review: Rothco Molle Water Bottle Pouch

Hydration bladders are cool and convenient but they are a pain to have to clean out, if they tear you are screwed, and you really have limited use with them.  I hate the cleaning process after using them, if you don’t dry them completely they can mold and if that is all you had for […]

How Secure Are Your Entry Locks at Home?

Not all locks are created equal.  When purchasing entry locks for your home, don’t cheap out.  The video below shows how quickly access can be gained via a simple lock pick set on a “standard” entry door lock.  Not all locks are created equal they vary in number of pins, strength of materials, resistance to […]

DIY Simple Survival Fishing Kit

Here is a quick and easy little “project” you can put together in a just a few minutes to provide you with some basic fishing equipment in a small package in case you ever need it.  All you need is some fish hooks, line, and a wine cork…I know everyone has those three items laying […]

Wrong Side of Heaven

“The ones that love you the most are the ones willing to fight for you” The popular video “Wrong Side of Heaven” by Five Finger Death Punch (Video Below) is certainly not new, but you may have seen it making its rounds on social media networks again lately.  The video is quite powerful and highlights […]

14 Survival Uses for a Condom

Some time ago I posed a question to a Wilderness Survival group on Facebook asking them to come up with survival uses for a condom.  As expected, the conversation went on for days full of laughs as everyone chimed in with their ideas both joking and serious.  In survival situations, making innovative use of any […]

$0 EpiPen Coupon

Attention EpiPen users: Those Pens you need to pay ~$100 for and carry with you everywhere you go which cannot be exposed to extreme heat or cold, and need to be replaced regularly can be obtained for free with this little bit of info. “With the $0 co-pay card, you could be eligible to save […]

How to save your cold stored food when power goes out

Regardless of where you live, you have likely experienced a power outage due to a major storm and quite possibly also lost some foods as a result.  With a little bit of preparation and absolutely no cost you can save all that food (or at least most of it), and all you need is water, […]