Community Rapid Response Team (CRRT) is a group of individuals with the mindset of wanting to build on their skills to protect their family, friends and help others in need.  Local police, fire and other government authorities cannot always help everyone when help is needed.  CRRT aims to fill that gap by providing individuals with the knowledge and training to be able to respond to situations when the proper authorities are not available or have not yet arrived on-site.  Our goal is to train our members to be capable in providing proper first response duties until the proper authorities can take over and to be capable of assisting in an organized fashion during large events like a natural disaster.  CRRT members will stop at an accident to help those involved instead of just driving past, be there to help families pick up the pieces after a house fire, and support the families of first responders who have died in the line of duty.  As a member of CRRT you will have opportunities to learn about home and self-defense, self-sustainable living,  preparing for disasters, wilderness survival, basic medicine and of course join a community of people who help one another and of course have a lot of fun!