60 Year Old Garland Police Officer Brings the Fight to Garland Terrorists – Bearing Arms


When under attack, the best defense is a strong offense.  The officer involved certainly proved it by bringing the fight to the two terrorists in Garland, TX who were armed with rifles and body armor, yet the officer prevailed with just his side-arm.

“The evidence markers at the bottom of the photo above show us a remarkable story, as they denote the final locations of the shell casings ejected from the officer’s Glock duty pistol. While every pistol is different from another in its ejection pattern, and the movement of the officer and the cant of his gun precludes us from knowing exactly where he was, there, is a distinct trial of shells showing that the officer was moving forward from the bottom left of the photo above towards the terrorists at the rear of the vehicle.  He appears to have opened fire from 20 yards away, and fired at least a dozen shots by the time he reached an area near the traffic cones, roughly 7-10 yards from where the terrorists died.”

Source: Bearing ArmsHE PUSHED FORWARD: Brave Garland Police Officer Advanced As He Brought Down Garland Terrorists – Bearing Arms

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