30 Day Crossfit Challenge

We often read up and train on various subject matters and forget about the single most important that ensures you can accomplish any task at hand, your own personal fitness.  Fitness is necessary to maintaining good health, keeping up your energy, and of course building muscle.  I came across this excellent 30 day crossfit challenge that anyone can do to get started with “getting back to the basics”.  This workout breaks down week by week and day by day for you with slight increases along the way and provides a good mix or exercises to work the various muscle groups.  Consider yourself challenged!  Here are the details for Week 1’s workout, for the full 30 day workout go to http://www.lifemadefull.com/30-day-at-home-crossfit-challenge-workouts.

Week 1

Day 1: 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 air squats (5 rounds)
Day 2: Run 1/2 mile, 25 (or 50 if you can) air squats (3 rounds)
Day 3: 20 lunges, 10 push-ups (5 rounds)
Day 4: Longer run (or whatever it is that you like to do–biking, swimming, etc), *Add-on: 1 minute front plank, and 1 minute plank on each side
Day 5: Rest day!
Day 6: 50-100 jumping jacks, 25 air squats, 20 push-ups, for time (keep a record of your time. I have THIS app for my iPhone, but you could just use plain pen and paper and do just fine!)
Day 7: Run 1 mile for time

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