14 Survival Uses for a Condom

fb_commentsSome time ago I posed a question to a Wilderness Survival group on Facebook asking them to come up with survival uses for a condom.  As expected, the conversation went on for days full of laughs as everyone chimed in with their ideas both joking and serious.  In survival situations, making innovative use of any items you may have on your person can literally be the difference between life and death so the purpose of this conversation was to try and save the lives of some single guys and determine if a simple condom is something of use you should add to your gear in case you meet someone at the bar or get lost in the woods for days.


Here is the consolidated list of what we came up with:

Water Collection
Fire Starter – fill with some water use as magnifying lens to focus the sun

Pull over socks for waterproof liner
Store tinder (or anything else you want to keep dry) in it to keep dry
Place over gun barrel to keep water out
Improvised Tourniquet
Keep pressure on bandage
Sling shot
Wound flush, fill with water poke small hole and squeeze
Fishing bobber
Patch tent, tarp etc with a section and some glue/pitch
Chewing gum – Jim C.
Entertainment – make your own “Wilson” face
Cut into strips for cordage
If you have other ideas, please add them to the comments below!
As you can see, that condom sitting in your wallet nearing its expiration date has more to offer than just it’s intended use which we all know it is very important to have objects with multiple uses at your disposal.  Does that mean you should run out and buy condoms to put in your gear kits? That is entirely up to you, gear selection is something that is very personal, there is no one right way to select your gear.  I would say that the condom is certainly an object in a small package which takes up little to no space so it certainly wouldn’t do any harm to keep with your gear.  One thing is for sure though, if you have one in your wallet, you are prepared for survival in the woods, or a night at the local bar.
Thanks to everyone in the Wilderness Survival Chat Education & Equipment Facebook group who took part in the conversation!
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